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There is no joy without gratitude

Brené Brown

My path

Thanks to a family context of doctors and a personal and professional path bathed in a longstanding multicultural environment, interactions with and curiosity of others are inherent to me.

Moving to the USA where I lived and worked for 7 years in Chicago was a major trigger. Through this phase, my professional path has been seeped in a multicultural environment (in an American, European and Australian context), mainly focused on transversal European project management (win-win approach and based on «collective intelligence») for large corporates: awareness of organisation’s modus operandi, relation to others and oneself.

With peasant origins, animals have always been source of teaching and support.

Symbol of anchoring, horses are powerful eye-openers of our behaviors and incongruences, they prove to be mediators, fair and without judgment to accompany us in our questioning and to help us to overcome them. This does not prevent me relying on more "classical" approaches,, thus also allowing to offer a combined accompaniment, if preferred or depending needs and context.

My credo: Make it simple

My training

After training on

  • Individual Coaching with Le Playground Paris - "Heart & courage & curiosity"; this approach finds its roots in the CTI method (co - active 



I embraced the personal development guided with the assistance of the horse, a simple, powerful and authentic approach with:


an harmonious mix of equine and non equine approaches.

  • supervision with Visionpoure and ongoing training with both classic and equicoaching approaches.​

These approaches allowed me to widen my vision and convictions about the body and the mind.

This new undertaking also allows me to pursue my path, and remain in your listening of emotions & expectations, to better accompany you. 

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