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So that your kids feel comfortable on their hooves

For your children …

beyond words,

  • gentleness,

  • sharing,

  • joy ...

The relationship with the horse allows the child to evolve towards

a greater stability and an enhanced self-trust 

  • Restless,

  • anxious,

  • having trouble to get friends…


with the horse,

your child will learn how to

  • assert himself,

  • explore its felt sense in his body,

  • be respected and respect others

for enhanced relationships with others. 

The session

After a preliminary exchange with yourself and your child, we propose him a few interactions with a poney: une série d'interactions avec un poney : with gentlesness and sharing or on a playful mode, depending his felt sense in the present moment. 

We invite him to express these feelings through othe playful approaches and let him express his creativity.

The horse and the child in the present moment 

Horses may be tender confidants for children, bringing them sought comfort, throughout cuddles and tender moments of sharing in silence. Horses and poneys are also marvelous accomplices, without judgment, allowing the child to free up his emotions, potential sources of wraps in their relations with others... to grow up with serenity.

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