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Learn to listen what your horse is whispering at your ear

                                                                                                                    Elizabeth de Corbigny


Come & live a unique experience... anchor a better emotional balance in the long term.  

Alone or in groups depending your needs.

Refocusing  - Bouncing back - To assert oneself  - Accepting impermanence with serenity

The horse lives in the present moment

In a world which has taught us to disconnect from our surroundings, the  horse helps us to find our true nature again and humility. He shows us the power of authenticity in our relation with our ownself and others.

Why and how ?
An invitation to expore the self-heart

Times are transient

Passing through them going directly to the Heart and revisiting:

  • Self-consciousness

  • Acceptance of emotions

  • Assertiveness...

  • Authenticity with one-self & others 


to go step by step towards an enhanced self-esteem

with respect and simplicity 


After a preliminary interview to clarify your expectations, we propose an interaction with the horse in relation with it.

Thereafter we take a time for sharing your awareness and how you might transpose this experience in your daily life.


Topics to explore:
  • Managing our emotions 
  • Learning to set limits
  • Daring authenticity
  • Finding a new professional path
  • Carrying out a project through the end

Sessions mays be conducted on an individual basis or throuhout workshops, whether to explore personal or professional projects. 

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