Beyond words,

beyond your frame

  Coaching & personal growth guided with horses


An approach, respectful to both people & horses, to guide us in the comprehension of our non verbal behavior modes.

An approach of the relation to oneself & others 

Why the horse ?

Horses have always fascinated human beings. With their stature, elegance and power, they inspire respect.. Being a prey animal, its main leitmotiv : survival. He senses the slightest change in its environnement. He has a fine perception of our internal emotional state.

Pour qui ?

  • For Individuals: reclaim your feelings and boost your self-esteem

  • For Children : to confide themselves in the horse and so learn how  have confidence in  life

  • For business teams & professionals : understand the power of one's intentions in relation to oneself and others 

No need to be a horseman. Everything takes place on the ground in a secured context.

Contact :

Equi-cohérence - Frédérique Bogusz - 06 75 87 58 92

Séances dans les Yvelines (78) & en Ile-de-France (sur demande)

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