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The stone has no hope to be anything else than a stone. But together with many other stones it becomes a temple.

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

for corporate staff

Beyond words, 

relations ebb & flow through horses emotional intelligence.

The horse, an ally for unified & performing teams

Why the horse ?

The horse has a social organisation similar to that of humans

The horse needs a referent as well as to feel your listening & comprehension to cooperate .

By helping us to feel our intentions impact on our non verbal communication, he invites us to reflect  on natural authority and the choice to collaborate together.

Thèmes abordés
  • Daring emotional intelligence

  • Discovering & modulate its leadership style 

  • Containint contagious emotions

  • Improving team cohesion 

  • Visualising & uniting around a mobilizing project 

  • ...

Sessions may be conducted on an individual or collective (workshops) basis  to discuss personal or professional challenges.

Conducting a session

Three steps depending on the chosen topic

  • A preliminary discussion on expectations 

  • Exercises with horses 

  • Debriefing on the experience and its links to the topics explored prior to the interaction 

  • How to transpose the experience in the professional context

​And also "discovery sessions" without a predefined topic ... an opportunity to go deeper in the comprehension of the relationship to oneself and to improve its own leadership, whatever your positioning in the company 

The highest value is the full realization of oneself and others.  Will Schultz

Team Building
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